¡Oye! Avant Garde Night

¡OYE! Avant Garde Night is an annual festival devoted to the development of new performances by artists from New York City. ¡OYE! Avant-Garde was created as a platform to celebrate and share what is unique about the city’s converging arts communities. Each artist is given ten minutes and a full technical team to experiment beyond the boundaries of their traditional work through a work-in-progress excerpt. Each festival culminates in performances of theater, dance, film & more.


Previous Festival Participants:

Maya Mcdonald, Cinthia Candelaria, Chelsea D. Harrison, Beth Graczyk, Sam Silbiger, Jerry Aquino, Sarah Serrano, Daniel Ramirez, Yazmeen Vargas, Mariela Regalado, Dirty Bandanaband, Mairys Joaquin, Karina Paez, D. Bird, Laura Petit, Anna Rogovoy, Eliza Bent, Sam Soghor, Meeko Gattuso, Robert Greene.